Sun. Feb. 4, 2018, 10am-5pm — Who Dat?

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Ever wonder what a psychic sees? I mean, if you put on their glasses, how different would the world look? Is a chair still a chair? When you stand there staring at them, are you just a face in a crowd? Is there a gust of spirit air going on, even a mini-tornado, from angel wings? Maybe frogs are ribbeting so loud that they are like timpani drums. Maybe you don’t want to know what kind of menagerie travels around with you, especially if it’s something creepy crawly or icky.

But, what, if,….it’s clouds of diamonds? and clouds of lighted angel spirits? Or chorus lines of dancing, playing fairies? What if?

IMG_0565I’ll betcha you have no idea of the the delightful things that exist for you if you ask about them. Besides cool stuff here and calorie-less junk food there, exist energetic splendors in abundance. There are thought forms of love and harmony and satisfaction that can be savored like the finest hors d’oeuvres you could imagine. What if?????

Ask someone who is gentle and caring, who asks that only good come through for you (that way no meanies are allowed to party bomb). Ask for these visions of good, ask about what wonderful things that your spirit came here to offer. Do you know what your gifts are? Do you know why a particular person is bugging you–like, where’s the gift in that?

We have magic angelic 8-balls and lots of love. If you have a question about an irksome something, or somebody forgot to put up a signpost on the road so you are not sure where you are going, there are loving messages just waiting for you. Come and hear them. Enjoy our smiles and laughter, and just relax. Find a precious rock, or necklace. Or a balm.

IMG_0568Here’s lovely Joelle, a psychic who’s comfortable with frogs and angels. And Terrie and Grace chatting it up, and Debbie with a cheery joke.

Free admission. Free parking. Free tea. Sunday, Feb. 4, 10am-5pm at the Maplewood Rock and Gem Club, 8802 88th St SW, Edmonds, WA.

We’re going to the hounds! Sun. January 7

We’re going to the hounds! Dog hounds, rockhounds, people hounds (oops), I mean, people angels and genie types and wizards, and just plain ole everyday wunnerful folks. It’s a fair!

There’s dog readers, card readers, aura readers, scintillating magic scents, magical rocks of all shapes and sizes (portable that is, no mountains), amazing psychics, mystics, woodland secrets bringers, energy releasers, all kinds of talents to explore and talk about. Come meet our wonderful people, who come to serve up smiles and new thoughts Take a break from those square boxes and endless chores and let’s look at the New Year you want to have.

Need a little inspiration? Wanna find out that you’re okay and maybe so-and-so isn’t quite what you thought? We’re all divine, but that doesn’t mean all of us are trotting down the same path. We can help you uncover new arrow signs along your path–they were there all along, but maybe a vine was hiding them. Who knows? Let’s find out!

The picture features Janine and a client for Wet Nose Wisdom. We’ll have Michelle’s fabulous essence scents, Bev will be bringing her new carved stone delights to keep us company. And jewelry makers, stone and metal pendants in designs both earthly and unearthly (foil helmets not required), aura checkers, orgonites, some other diviners. Note: for a pet reading you do not need to bring your pet, and elephants are not allowed in since their trunks can be sneaky.

Come have some fun, relax and smile. Free tea. Free parking. No admission fee. 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA. 10am-5pm. :-)

Tis the season to …. do anything you want!

Sunday, December 3 — It’s the Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair and Arts!

Tis the season to …. do anything you want!

Look back, look forward, look up, look, well, wherever.

We’ve got special binoculars, they’re ringed with love and cheer. Put those babies in the hands of someone very practiced in working with good energies, angelic beings, your guides and loved ones on the other side, and, what do ya got? A fabulous, relaxing afternoon in the middle of December madness.

Come in, sit down, have a cup of tea, and meet some seriously talented people. Readers, healers, crafts people, our own rockhound, it’s a smorgasbord of nice experiences, and keen insights that can help you realize new perspectives on the buzzies around you.

You’re invited!

Sunday, December 3, 10am-5pm, at the Maplewood Rock and Gem Club, 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA. Free parking. No admission fee. Free tea.

June 4 2017 This Sunday–Blue Moon Fair Sizzles!

a busy fairomgosh You won’t believe the wonderful talents and wares of the people we are gonna have at the fair this Sunday, June 4, 10-5. New talents-new runes, new Akashic information, new leatherwork, dreamcatchers, beads, stones, jewelry, those sellout orgonites, and all those smiles and hugs and insightful words of wisdom. Drop by, grab a cup of tea, and find out what I mean!18720863_1691795784181913_1113193864_o
Oh, did I mention an amazing array of talented psychics and some spirit guide pals? 😇
You can find us at 8802 196th Street, at the top of the hill looking down to the Sound (cross street 88th). Stop by for some wisdom, then go get some Edmonds chow and sea air.

Sunday, May 7, 10am-5pm: A Happy Place

Drop on by and visit. We’ve got tons of talents and fun things to explore. If you’d like to know what is a “psychic reading” or an “energy healing”, just ask any one of us. It’s a day of feel good and sharing and caring. Tarot, reiki, energy healing and transformation, stones, jewelry, orgonites, past lives, mediumship, auras, and all kinds of mysteries. Plus, we have free tea!

Look for the balloons and signs.
Sunday, May 7, 2017 — 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Maplewood Rock Club, 8802 196th St. SW (cross street 88th, at top of Edmonds hill), Edmonds, WA

Sun. April 2, 2017 10-5 Have we got a lineup!

Sunday, April 2,, 10-5, BLUE MOON SPIRIT PSYCHIC FAIR! This time it’s a FUN FAIR FESTIVAL! Bigger than ever–and it’s time to feel springy–fresh and bright. Get recharged. 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA (top of the hill)terrie

Wee doggies! Spring is here! Feeling like there’s so much to do you’re like a frisbee tugged in one direction then another? Winter doldrums got replaced by a kangaroo? Come on in and get rebalanced.

This month’s Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair has a large and terrific lineup. Here’s a peek:may 1 16 gail

Wonderful VENDORS: LOTS of delights: fine crystal stones that will be the centerpiece of your collection! sages, scents, handmade tools, fun new age gadgets to explore! Water essences, outta sight orgonites, drums, bags, sage, weavings, stone jewelry, a beautiful collection of polished native stones. What a way to enjoy browsing and find treats!

Our READERS have so many skills: body psychology, eye readings, chakras, auras, angels, past lives, spirits who have crossed over, pets–what are they thinking? Shamanic, tarot decks to delight the eyes. Akashic. Soul purpose.

ENERGY healers: reiki, energy, energetics, molecular realignment, cleansing. Shake a leg and shake it out (gotcha!-I just made that one up).IMG_0767

It’s fun! It’s light! It’s love. Come laugh and share with us.

Come and visit. We’ll work magic juju to bring you your dreams. (just joking, but we can sure find some smiles) 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA.

March 5, 2017- 10-5 – What’s new at the Blue Moon?

a adam and orgon 3 readers

This Sunday! 10-5! The Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair! We have seers of all sizes, but they have to be 6 years old to practice (ha!). The little wide-eyed one’s mom is Tracy, is a beautiful reader. There will be stunning orgons — what are they? Aha, only Adam really knows the secret ingredients, because he makes them. But I’ve heard him whisper herkimers, and peridots, and grids, and specific fine stone layers. Not your average chargers by a long shot! And here’s another photo of some of our fine folks and great talents, including Janine whose focus is called “Wet Nose Wisdom”. Is that cute, or what? She reads pets. Alana in the middle uses cards to reveal some amazing insights, and Mari on the left is in her own class as a seer and healer. Don’t believe me? Come by and find out. Reiki, healing, stones tables, many types of readers: many card decks as tools, past life regression, shaman, numbers. What a lovely way to while away an afternoon and sip some warm tea. Hugs and laughs. Free tea. Free parking. 8802 196th St. SW, Edmonds, WA (cross street 88th, at top of hill looking at water).

Sun. Feb. 5, 7-8pm SPECIAL TREAT: Nanci Drew on Crystal Bowls

crystal bowls finalUsing a diverse and beautiful collection of bowls, Nanci Drew will blow your mind! Followed by your hippocamus, and pituitary, and pineal, and forebrains, and whatever else is rolling around in your skull. Actually, to be serious, the sounds from these bowls is almost a physical presence, that taps and awakens parts of your brain and consciousness you didn’t even know you had. And, it is very relaxing, all you do is close your eyes and listen, kind of like savoring a very fine and delicious meal and never having to move. This form of sound is being increasingly used by new healers and astounding results are being documented. Why not come to the psychic fair, step out for a meal, and come back and savor sounds for desert? $10 at the door. Doors open at 6:30pm for informal discussion, and the concert is from 7-8pm.

Sunday, February 5, 2017 LUUUUVVVVV! and readings


IMG_3720Hey, we have a great lineup for today, and a perfect break before goalpost mania strikes with the SuperBowl. At backfield is Rockman Mike, fresh from Tucson with new treasures, and some fresh mookaite tumbles! (I got dibs!, maybe, at least on one) For the unfamiliar, mookaite has beautiful reds, ochres, and vanillas, kind of like stone ice cream. In centerfield we have a Sun Bear shaman, an artist with some new outtasight orgone pieces, and a new, sweet animal communicator. Having puppy problems? Find out what’s on that rascal’s mind. How about a chair massage? followed by some energy healing? And the rest of the lineup includes our wonderful, talented, very assorted healers and readers and crafters. It’s a feast of fresh outlooks and warm community. And, free tea.  The lovely Dryad will be playing wide receiver at the door, filled with charm and information, and intuitive suggestions as to which talents you might like to visit with.