We’re going to the hounds! Sun. January 7

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We’re going to the hounds! Dog hounds, rockhounds, people hounds (oops), I mean, people angels and genie types and wizards, and just plain ole everyday wunnerful folks. It’s a fair!

There’s dog readers, card readers, aura readers, scintillating magic scents, magical rocks of all shapes and sizes (portable that is, no mountains), amazing psychics, mystics, woodland secrets bringers, energy releasers, all kinds of talents to explore and talk about. Come meet our wonderful people, who come to serve up smiles and new thoughts Take a break from those square boxes and endless chores and let’s look at the New Year you want to have.

Need a little inspiration? Wanna find out that you’re okay and maybe so-and-so isn’t quite what you thought? We’re all divine, but that doesn’t mean all of us are trotting down the same path. We can help you uncover new arrow signs along your path–they were there all along, but maybe a vine was hiding them. Who knows? Let’s find out!

The picture features Janine and a client for Wet Nose Wisdom. We’ll have Michelle’s fabulous essence scents, Bev will be bringing her new carved stone delights to keep us company. And jewelry makers, stone and metal pendants in designs both earthly and unearthly (foil helmets not required), aura checkers, orgonites, some other diviners. Note: for a pet reading you do not need to bring your pet, and elephants are not allowed in since their trunks can be sneaky.

Come have some fun, relax and smile. Free tea. Free parking. No admission fee. 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA. 10am-5pm. :-)

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