June 4 2017 This Sunday–Blue Moon Fair Sizzles!


a busy fairomgosh You won’t believe the wonderful talents and wares of the people we are gonna have at the fair this Sunday, June 4, 10-5. New talents-new runes, new Akashic information, new leatherwork, dreamcatchers, beads, stones, jewelry, those sellout orgonites, and all those smiles and hugs and insightful words of wisdom. Drop by, grab a cup of tea, and find out what I mean!18720863_1691795784181913_1113193864_o
Oh, did I mention an amazing array of talented psychics and some spirit guide pals? 😇
You can find us at 8802 196th Street, at the top of the hill looking down to the Sound (cross street 88th). Stop by for some wisdom, then go get some Edmonds chow and sea air.

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