Sun. April 2, 2017 10-5 Have we got a lineup!

oh brother

Sunday, April 2,, 10-5, BLUE MOON SPIRIT PSYCHIC FAIR! This time it’s a FUN FAIR FESTIVAL! Bigger than ever–and it’s time to feel springy–fresh and bright. Get recharged. 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA (top of the hill)terrie

Wee doggies! Spring is here! Feeling like there’s so much to do you’re like a frisbee tugged in one direction then another? Winter doldrums got replaced by a kangaroo? Come on in and get rebalanced.

This month’s Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair has a large and terrific lineup. Here’s a peek:may 1 16 gail

Wonderful VENDORS: LOTS of delights: fine crystal stones that will be the centerpiece of your collection! sages, scents, handmade tools, fun new age gadgets to explore! Water essences, outta sight orgonites, drums, bags, sage, weavings, stone jewelry, a beautiful collection of polished native stones. What a way to enjoy browsing and find treats!

Our READERS have so many skills: body psychology, eye readings, chakras, auras, angels, past lives, spirits who have crossed over, pets–what are they thinking? Shamanic, tarot decks to delight the eyes. Akashic. Soul purpose.

ENERGY healers: reiki, energy, energetics, molecular realignment, cleansing. Shake a leg and shake it out (gotcha!-I just made that one up).IMG_0767

It’s fun! It’s light! It’s love. Come laugh and share with us.

Come and visit. We’ll work magic juju to bring you your dreams. (just joking, but we can sure find some smiles) 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA.

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