March 5, 2017- 10-5 – What’s new at the Blue Moon?

a alana 2

a adam and orgon 3 readers

This Sunday! 10-5! The Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair! We have seers of all sizes, but they have to be 6 years old to practice (ha!). The little wide-eyed one’s mom is Tracy, is a beautiful reader. There will be stunning orgons — what are they? Aha, only Adam really knows the secret ingredients, because he makes them. But I’ve heard him whisper herkimers, and peridots, and grids, and specific fine stone layers. Not your average chargers by a long shot! And here’s another photo of some of our fine folks and great talents, including Janine whose focus is called “Wet Nose Wisdom”. Is that cute, or what? She reads pets. Alana in the middle uses cards to reveal some amazing insights, and Mari on the left is in her own class as a seer and healer. Don’t believe me? Come by and find out. Reiki, healing, stones tables, many types of readers: many card decks as tools, past life regression, shaman, numbers. What a lovely way to while away an afternoon and sip some warm tea. Hugs and laughs. Free tea. Free parking. 8802 196th St. SW, Edmonds, WA (cross street 88th, at top of hill looking at water).

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