Sunday, February 5, 2017 LUUUUVVVVV! and readings


IMG_3720Hey, we have a great lineup for today, and a perfect break before goalpost mania strikes with the SuperBowl. At backfield is Rockman Mike, fresh from Tucson with new treasures, and some fresh mookaite tumbles! (I got dibs!, maybe, at least on one) For the unfamiliar, mookaite has beautiful reds, ochres, and vanillas, kind of like stone ice cream. In centerfield we have a Sun Bear shaman, an artist with some new outtasight orgone pieces, and a new, sweet animal communicator. Having puppy problems? Find out what’s on that rascal’s mind. How about a chair massage? followed by some energy healing? And the rest of the lineup includes our wonderful, talented, very assorted healers and readers and crafters. It’s a feast of fresh outlooks and warm community. And, free tea.  The lovely Dryad will be playing wide receiver at the door, filled with charm and information, and intuitive suggestions as to which talents you might like to visit with.

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