Sun. Feb. 5, 7-8pm SPECIAL TREAT: Nanci Drew on Crystal Bowls

crystal bowls finalUsing a diverse and beautiful collection of bowls, Nanci Drew will blow your mind! Followed by your hippocamus, and pituitary, and pineal, and forebrains, and whatever else is rolling around in your skull. Actually, to be serious, the sounds from these bowls is almost a physical presence, that taps and awakens parts of your brain and consciousness you didn’t even know you had. And, it is very relaxing, all you do is close your eyes and listen, kind of like savoring a very fine and delicious meal and never having to move. This form of sound is being increasingly used by new healers and astounding results are being documented. Why not come to the psychic fair, step out for a meal, and come back and savor sounds for desert? $10 at the door. Doors open at 6:30pm for informal discussion, and the concert is from 7-8pm.

Sunday, February 5, 2017 LUUUUVVVVV! and readings


IMG_3720Hey, we have a great lineup for today, and a perfect break before goalpost mania strikes with the SuperBowl. At backfield is Rockman Mike, fresh from Tucson with new treasures, and some fresh mookaite tumbles! (I got dibs!, maybe, at least on one) For the unfamiliar, mookaite has beautiful reds, ochres, and vanillas, kind of like stone ice cream. In centerfield we have a Sun Bear shaman, an artist with some new outtasight orgone pieces, and a new, sweet animal communicator. Having puppy problems? Find out what’s on that rascal’s mind. How about a chair massage? followed by some energy healing? And the rest of the lineup includes our wonderful, talented, very assorted healers and readers and crafters. It’s a feast of fresh outlooks and warm community. And, free tea.  The lovely Dryad will be playing wide receiver at the door, filled with charm and information, and intuitive suggestions as to which talents you might like to visit with.

Sunday, January 1 2017, The hardy came out!

Despite icy roads (my early morning weather report was a bit too optimistic), stalwart readers and guests arrived in the morning to start the New Year out with a smile. Our theme: start the year as you mean to go on: love for yourself, growth into more love, the peace of understanding…hmmm, and what else? What are psychics for? Take a break from the game, the news, the chaotic world, and relax with us. We’ve got smiles for you, and good wishes, cool things, and some very talented people there to give you service.

–The afternoon thawed the roads, and it was a happy, busy group at the fair. Yay!