January 1, 2017 — Do I want a roller coaster or my own canoe?


This month’s gonna be a doozy if you’re listening to the news, those mean little horror mongers. Like you’re being given a ticket for a roller coaster ride that you did not buy or being stuck in a Freddy movie. 

Want some salve and some sanity? Sweet scents and sane solutions? A soothing sense of your own stability and abilities? Regaining the fact that you captain your own ship, and a canoe is just as powerful as an ocean liner?


Come in, get some tea, sit down, and let one of us help you understand your own power for good. Understand that you didn’t lose your compass and your canoe is on course, which might be hard to believe if it looks like you’re stranded on a rocky beach.

How can I say that? Come and find out. It’s about staying on the road of high thoughts and intentional actions, and understanding that you own your power, and can wield it in any peaceful way you please. Or, make trouble if you prefer, yeah.jasper-and-grace-hiding 

Here’s Jasper, a prankster, and Grace, a male healer. They like to ham it up.



Maybe you just want to touch base, get a tune up, unkink that danged hootchamacallit, or talk with non-mainstream listeners. We’re there and we care, and no preachin’ anywhere.

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