Sunday Nov. 27 — Croonin’, tunin’, and rocks!!!


Please join us next Sunday, Nov. 27, at our Blue Moon Spirit fair. Maplewood Rock & Gem Club, 8809 196th St, Edmonds (cross street 88th, at top of hill). 10am-5pm. Free admission and parking. What’s happening:::

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Sunday, and in the middle of the holidays. Always a good time to tweak the cone you wear on your head to receive better thought waves. Like, dancing, yoga, Kenya, healing, helping, chocolate? Mustaches? What?

This time our fair is very filled with readers with a wide variety of symbolic and beautiful card decks, psychics, energy healers, a palmist, a problem solving coach, shamans, a sound healer, an energy singer, wearable healing, charged waters, essence oils, and, rocks, rocks, rocks–5 tables of them! and a rock reader! Whoa.

How can any of this benefit you? Ahhh, come and find out! Sip a cup of tea and ask. And bask in good energy. 

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