May 1-Special reader: “Princess” Lori Aletha

lori I have to call her “Princess”. For 35 years  she has been organizing her fairs, and this time, she will be a guest reader! Lori has always been psychic, and has always studied to learn more and become a better helper for others. She started having her own fairs when she couldn’t even advertise with the word “Psychic”! There’s a youtube video about her, check it out!

We’re honored that she will attend to share her gentle love, caring for others, and gifts.

May 1–Special Presentation 2:00pm KUNDALINI FIRES

The Kundalini chachacha, or —

class at 2

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That magical fire! It ‘burns, burns, burns, like a rising fire, …’ This mini-class is designed to help you understand you are not going crazy; your body is confused, dazed and bewildered about how to interpret kundalini. It kicks your bed partner without your permission, sets you on fire one moment and then disappears. Come share and learn about rising kundalini with Grace Sequoia, and gain some hints and tips to embrace the physical experience of the energetic shifts resulting from our raising consciousness of our human presence. 

A free presentation by the amazing Grace Sequoia.
(donation requested)