2018 Blue Moon flyerThe Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair

First Sunday of the month, 10am-5pm,
8802  196th St. SW, Edmonds, WA 


(Maplewood Rock and Gem Club,  NW corner of 88th and 196th)

2018-03 meetup headerAThe Blue Moon Spirit Fair,
Sunday March 4 — the Low Down

Yo! Yo, yo! I say, there. Have you heard about our nifty little psychic fair? The one where you come in the door when your magic’s a little low, and then you leave with your feet in the air like a little Tinkerbelle? (some of the guys find that a little uncomfortable, but….)

We’ll see if we can’t help you see the light from any planet you have a hankering for. Bring your grandma, and she can find somebody sweet to talk to. What you’ll find is a collection of people who studied for a big part of their lives in ways to help others feel better about what’s going on.

We do it with smiles and hugs, and new views on old views. So you walk in blue about something, and then you see it’s really green, or pink, or spotted. It’s all in how you look at it. We have intuitive readers, tarot readers, and animal communicators (what’s Fido really up to?). You’ll find energy healers who work with different layers and levels of energy in your body to adjust that tweak and unwind that squeak. And rocks! We have tables of those hardheads; and jewelry, and orgonites, and scents, and balms.

Stop by and visit. Help yourself to some tea from the kitchen counter. Pick a chair and relax, or walk around and ask some of our talented people what is it they do. You will feel welcomed.

The Blue Moon Spirit Fair, Sunday February 4
It’s a Metaphysical SPA!

tony white pic

That’s right! We have whoozits and whats-its and fixits for just about anything that ails you! Not to mention that big double-heart day is coming up. Time to spread some love and cheer! Or just come by and feel it.

We’ve got tea and smiles, and guides, and wisdom, and some energy wands and magicians who know how to do abracadabra and put that thingamajiggy back where it’s supposed to be. If the old glasses aren’t seeing such a good picture, or the frames need adjusting, let us help you. We do that kind of magic — what looks bad, isn’t. What looks impossible becomes a hiccup. What seems dreadful, well, turn it around and holy moley, what a blessing.

See, we’re about living a better and better and better life. The tools on hand include intuition, tarot, many stones and our (in)famous Mike the Rockman who’s actually a pretty nice guy. Aura drawings from Debbie, the Wizard of Alanon’s been hard at work, and you might not have heard (yet) about some of our new and extremely talented psychics. Jewelry, Reiki, a Vibrational Singer, astrology, palmistry and more!alanna2

Here’s a couple caring fun-lovers, Alanna our Earth-Mother tarot reader, and Tony–an astrological cartoonist. Alanna’s been a tarot reader for over 30 years, and is also trained in Theta healing and therapeutic hypnosis, plus others. ‘Tony White is an astrological artist, card reader and counselor who, assisted by his wife Saille, uses a number of unique techniques to help clients remember the important soul lessons and experiences they’ve chosen to bring into their current lifetimes.

Come visit, relax, see what all the hubbub’s about. We’re fun and friendly and so enjoy your company. Free tea. Free parking. Free admission.

8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA. 10am-5pm. Sunday, February 4. On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluemoonspiritpsychicfair/ , meetup,  and here. Welcome!


Push out the old, Dance with the New!
at the Blue Moon Spirit Fair
Sunday, January 7

a readers table IMG_0800

We’ll be there to help you welcome in new dreams! Let’s talk about the life you want to be living, and do a little energy-shifting. Dreams are free, and they foster intentions. Guess what intentions create? 

“I can’t do that,” you say, “I have to climb Mt. Everest first.” Well, let me tell you little secret about Mt. Everest…. Nuh unh, you have to come to the fair and ask. hee hee. 

What you need, is a cup of tea, and some time to relax. We’ll put a little bucket by the door where you can drop your worries before you come in. Then, when you need to talk about them, you can run grab them, and bring them out in their full cookie monster horror. Yup, we all have ’em. Let us help you put some frosting on them, give you a boost, and help you see that spring is coming. Whatever it is outside, it’ll be warm inside with us.

We’ve got some new peoples this time as well as many of our regular very skilled readers. New peoples include reiki, a new stones table, and some new readers. Come get your aura picture taken, see what changes emotions make in it. Do you have an ornery chameleon you want to talk to? Got a question? Come and get some fresh insights.

Sunday, January 7, 10am-5pm, 8809 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA. Free tea. Free admission. Free parking.a fair IMG_0364 a bevs table 1 IMG_1087

The Blue Moon Fair –
Sunday Dec. 3 – it’s happy time!

a bSunday, December 3, a day for love! You might hear a jingle or two, but that’s because bells are fun! Bring a smile and maybe a red and white hat and share the beauty of your being with us. It’s our favorite part of every fair. Come in, relax, find refuge. Admire the fireplace, which will not have a fire in it alas, but it is quite unique and beautiful.

This month has some new treats, and the talents get even better. We’ll have free hot tea and cider. I personally hope to see some elves and fairies tip-toeing around but they’re pretty sneaky critters. It’s a place to feel good, and then better. Beautiful crafts, loving wise psychics, a happy hostess, and many welcomes. Draw a free card for a spot read. Ask anyone about what they do–each of us has our own gifts, and it’s always fun to share.

Free parking, free admission. Excellent healers: reiki, shaman, energy, essential waters, tarot, other card decks, other healing tools. On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluemoonspiritpsychicfair/ , and Meetup: Blue Moon Fair https://www.meetup.com/Blue-Moon-Spirit-Psychic-Fair/events/236310846/ . Welcome!

Blue Moon Fair Nov. 5
–the many forms of families and love

Friends, families, pets, rocks, yards, the sky, the moon, a bobblehead doll — it is feelings of connection that reassure us of our place in the world. No matter what your family of support looks like or sounds like, this is a good month to crow to yourself about your gratitude. Speaking of crow, Joe the Crow is out in the yard with all his buddies, who are also called Joe. There’s a lot of Joes out there. They eat a lot of peanuts. They make me smile and feel good. And I see them and it’s a glad feeling, and fun, and rich, and warm, and I freaking feel feathery daggone good! See, Joes are part of my family. And rocks. And friends, and fairs and the very cool people who are at the fairs, both the ones at tables and the ones who come to visit. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day.

Come see who’s new and what’s new at the fair. We have some new outta sight readers, not to mention the vibe-tuned ones who hold our space and are also constantly growing. Our craftspeople have been busy! Come rock and roll, and bask in the glow of caring, laughter, and love.

Free tea. Free parking. This Sunday, November 5, 10am-5pm at the Maplewood Rock Club, 8802 196th Street, SW, Edmonds, WA.

Here’s some of us having fun last time in Halloween spirit, some of us ignoring the camera (oops), and Kittie Kat Kate doing a reading and talking to the wings upstairs. Drumroll, we are adding long-time super-clairvoyant Ann Inman to our talent 

Blue Moon Fair Oct. 1–A time for happy spirits!

a what mysteriesSunday, October 1, 10am-5pm at the Maplewood Rock Club on 196th Street by Edmonds.

We’re spirited! And, it’s fall! Yay rain! Come celebrate the season. See what little goblins are hanging around to bring you joy! Get a reading, get a healing, get refreshed! Have some free peach tea. We have several tables of rocks looking for their proper homes, and they will happily converse with you — we won’t tell, we do it too ;-).

a gayle

The whole world is magic! October is a month of magic. Start it off with a smile and a freshened outlook on your life. 

Free parking, free admission. Excellent healers: reiki, shaman, energy, essential waters, tarot, other card decks, other healing tools. Also, intuitive readers  and angelic workers, and perceptions for questions on career, romance, health, next life steps, healing to leave the past in the backyard, as we love our planet. On meetup: Blue Moon Fair,  Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/bluemoonspiritpsychicfair/ ,   and here. Welcome!
 a rocks rock

Sunday, September 3, Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair !!!!



a busy placeSome people say there is no yesterday, some say no tomorrow. Who cares? It’s all about NOW ! Who’s groovin’? If you can’t find THE moment, the now, the “being here” feelin’ and you just keep waiting for it to jump up at you like a frog — we’ve got frog finders!a frog





IMG_0861Of course, sometimes we find a cat instead….but, that’s life, right?

Practical, caring mystique lies within these walls. And also years of learned application in the healing arts. We can open windows to what was, what can be, what’s next? And the best yet – the Wow of Now.

It’s all about your magic!

We might look like everyday people who might have gifts, that’s because, we are, and we do! But the real magic lies in you. We’ve got some keys to open windows to your own personal mystiques. Didn’t know you had some? Ahhhh…..but you do.

a alanaCome in and browse, chat with our readers and healers, sip a cup of tea. Learn a little about alternative ways to look at life and experience more joy in the world around you. Talk to one of your angels, get a crick in your knee de-cricked, find a perfect stone to add to your secret little bag of magic, or to crown your mantle. You can find chanting beads you didn’t know existed, lotions, energy centers on your own body that you didn’t know had and what stories they have to tell! (we’ll share their secrets with you)

It’s the same world you’ve always lived in, but we’ll give you some new filters to view it from. And life becomes more and more palatable, and something to savor.

Sunday, September 3, 2017, 10am-5pm, 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA (NW corner of cross street 88th).


Sunday, August 6, Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair !!!!

a happy trio

Ho! Ho! Ho! Wait a minute, wrong holiday….

Drumroll—-It’s August in the swinging ole summertime, with a great BIG eclipse on its way on August 21! What does that mean? Is a mothership gonna park overhead and lower a ramp and become a new shopping mall?

Wanna know?

Stop by the Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair on Sunday, August 6 and find out!

Hmm, but we probably don’t know either. What we do know is a lot of other good stuff–helpful ways to feel better in your everyday life, how to shift your body’s energies to increase your energy levels and feel more healthy, how to let go of garbage and throw it on the truck, and good stuff about life’s mysteries. We’ve got caring, talented psychics, amazing healers, marvelous handcrafted energy tools, and, just-in-time-for-the-eclipse, Jeffrey the Wizard Azanon’s amazing and beautiful Lightbody Ascension Amulet and other jewelry delights. If you’d like to know what that is for, stop by and ask. jeffrey amulet small

Free parking. Free tea. 10am-5pm, Sunday, August 6, at the Maplewood Rock and Gem Club, 8802 196th St. SE, Edmonds, WA . (cross street 88th at the top of the hill)

Sunday, July 2, 2017, 10am-5pm
It’s Summertime!

a blue moon face

Summertime! And the crickets are singing….somewhere. We’re celebrating ‘just being’ at the Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair, Sunday, July 2!

Being what? Well, psychics, craftspeople, artists, healers, helpers, givers, laughing, smiles. Any ole’ good thing.

a adam huffNeed a bit of cheer? or a helpful insight? We can tell you how special you are. How about a new stone or jewelry piece that you later realize drew you to the fair? Did you know that stones talk? Want to know what your hamster’s thinking? (beside “more corn”) Or why that one little finger is a little crooked? Does somebody visit in your dreams but insists on being mysterious? We love that stuff.

Come join us and relax. We have free tea and lots of seats and if you a kelly and monahaven’t been to a fair before, just ask any of us what the heck we do.

Stop by, 10am-5pm, 8802 196th St. SW, Edmonds, WA. Check it out!

Cricket chirp.


a busy place

Sunday, June 4, 2017, 10am-5pm
Come have fun!

a busy place

It’s almost summer, and time to play! Come by for a pick me up reading, or get that thing-a-ma-witchet mean energy removed from your toe. Lovely Janine will spill Fido’s secrets, Gena will get mom to tell you things she wouldn’t when she was alive (and you had no idea!). Our new reader Kate is a treat to sit with. Our wizard’s art is out of this world, orgonites that will activate your pineal gland (yes, you got one). Rockman Mike… silk acoutrements by Lois, skilled tarot comforts. Heck, find out secrets from your own secret [Akashic] files from Kelly! There’s so many more talents. And, best of all—free tea!  

You’re guaranteed a few smiles when you stop by and chat. See you Sunday, June 4! 10am-5pm, Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair, 8802 196th Street (cross street 80th at the top of the hill), Edmonds, WA.  You can’t miss the new pink fence banners!

a delights galore lois and
Sunday, May 7, 2017
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Maplewood Rock Club, 8802 196th St. SW (cross street 88th, at top of Edmonds hill), Edmonds, WA 

a busy place

Lovely spring is in full bloom. How about you? Come to a place where everybody smiles, and only encouraging words are heard. Gain insights from intuitive messages. Relieve stress and pain from reiki and other energy healing. Find out about shenanigans your parents pulled and never actually told you–those rascals. It just goes to show, we’re all just people.

Enjoyment galore. Where? At the fair. The Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair.
Sunday, April 2, 10am-5pm
8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA

IMG_3755may 1 16 gail

Calling all seekers and people with questions about what’s what, where’m I goin’?

SUNDAY, MARCH 5, 10am-5pm
8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA

It’s spring, things are waking up. Your peepers want to know–what shall I get into next? We can help. With caring and sharing and a little help from some spirit guides, or massaging your energy fields, or a peek at some akashic records or questions to somebody who’s passed. It’s sweet, it’s fun, it’s purely from the heart.

Just want to say, the Crystal Bowl concert was divine. Thanks, Nanci!–

Luuuvvvv is in the air! Luv is up, luv is down, luv is all around. We’ll have some here, for everyone. Let’s share. 

This Sunday, Feb. 5, 10-5 pm. It’s a Superbowl Escape!

The Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair.
then, go out for a bite and come back for
7-8 pm A Crystal Bowl Love Vibrations Concert by healer Nanci Drew!  It’s like a sound massage.


Welcome to the Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair in Edmonds!

The first Sunday of the month, 10-5, at 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA.

SPECIAL EVENT Sunday, February 5!  7-8 pm  


Crystal Bowl Concert–Vibrations of Love, by Healer Nanci Drew 

Join masterful multi-dimensional healer Nanci Drew as she evokes hauntingly beautiful sounds from a delicious and varied collection of crystal bowls. Each bowl is created to vibrate at a particular sound frequency, and awakens different areas of your brain and your being. The experience is like bathing in sound, and feeling different parts of your body become activated. It is a peaceful pleasure that is phenomenal and is increasingly used by alternative healers for many beneficial effects. Doors open at 6:30pm with an informal discussion. The concert is 7:00-8:00 pm. $10 at the door. 

Sunday, Feb. 5, a day to embrace love!  

You are invited to come by for a cup of tea and a visit to our Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair, 10-5!   Here’s an idea–come by the fair, go out for a bite, and come back for the concert–we’ll have maps of close by eateries.


Come visit and let’s talk about whatever’s on your mind–love, politics, changing the world, your hamster, past lives, future ones, winning lottery numbers…whatever. Enjoy comraderie, laughs, some browsing and shopping, and any insights that might appeal to you. It’s a good day for a hot cup of tea. Free parking, free admission. Excellent healers: reiki, shaman, energy, essential waters, tarot, other card decks, other healing tools like massage (hmmm), and some knock-your-socks-off new orgon designs and Mother Earth’s stones and stone jewelry on several tables. As for love? Ask, delve, seek, explore, immerse yourself, we’re there to care and share.

(We are an relaxing alternative to the sportsmania of the SuperBowl.)


The first Sundays in 2017!  Feb. 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4, July 2, Aug. 8, Sept. 3, Oct. 10, Nov. 5, Dec. 3. 

Sundays, 10-5, at 8802 196th St SW, Edmonds, WA.
Cross street 88th, it’s at the top of the hill as you look down at Edmonds and the Sound.
Also on Facebook! (facebook.com/bluemoonspiritpsychicfair)
and Meetup!      https://www.meetup.com/Blue-Moon-Spirit-Psychic-Fair/events/236310891/


Stop in and visit. Have a relaxing cup of tea. Find out why the energy around may have seemed wonky lately, or how to unkink the energy block in your whatsis. Learn more about other ways to heal, or perceive new information. Listen to your guides as they speak through a loving communicator.

We offer love and light, and truly wish for blessings for every lovely soul who visits and for everyone and everything on our wonderful planet. 

Love these healers–it’s my privilege to be there with them. I am your host, and will also have my own table of wire wrap stones and simply stones, because, after all, Rocks Rock! I’ll read a stone from the table for you, and can do 5 minute readings too. 

See the writeup in this month’s blogpost or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bluemoonspiritpsychicfair/ 



head-cropped 1 in

Here’s some of the fun we had for Halloween 2016!


Coming up: the last 2016 fair is Sunday Nov. 27.

It’s here! We’re there!

Sunday, November 27, 10-5 — it’s the Sunday after (non)turkey day! Gooble gooble. We’ll practice gratitude (burp!), and isn’t it a marvelous time for harmony and love and remembrance and intention preparation for the coming season? Oh, and don’t forget our vendors and their delicious gifts! CHECK OUT THE BLOG POST –>


boo-hoo—no December date, but…..